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Abdul Ezedi ‘dead after throwing himself off bridge, police believe’ | UK | News

Abdul Ezedi, the suspected Clapham chemical attacker, may be dead after throwing himself off Chelsea Bridge, sources believes. The Metropolitan Police are still hunting the 35-year-old Afghan, who is suspected of dousing a woman and her two children in an alkaline suspect before going on the run.

According to a source speaking to The Sun, the team investigating Ezedi believe he “died soon after the last sighting of him on camera on the north side of the river”.

At a news briefing on Wednesday Commander Jon Savell said: “It is a possibility he has gone into the Thames. Sadly, we recover people from the Thames and it takes a while for it to happen. It is a very fast-flowing body of water. Nobody has seen anyone going into the Thames and no bodies have been recovered.”

Ezedi, 35, from Newcastle, is wanted for attempted murder after a mother and her two children were injured by a corrosive liquid. The Metropolitan Police confirmed that armed police had raided the addresses this morning.

The woman, 31, who was attacked in Clapham on January 31 is still sedated and unable to speak to detectives.

A statement from friends read: “Her children are her life. She is generous to a fault and a wonderful cook and host. All she has ever wanted is a safe home for her and her beautiful, kind little girls.”

They thanked the “angels” who intervened on Lessar Avenue and sustained injuries as they tackled her attacker.

Last week, Nick Aldworth a former national counter-terrorism co-ordinator with 36 years’ experience in the police and military, said it was is “not unlikely” Ezedi could have taken his own life.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think if we’ve not seen or heard from him in the the last couple of days, which appears to be the case, he’s gone to ground, possibly supported by somebody…

“Or – it’s not unlikely or improbable – that he may have taken his own life. There is therefore a body to be found somewhere.”

The Met Police shared CCTV images that showed Ezedi with a “melted eye” following the attack. It has been confirmed that the victim was known to the suspect, with Commander Jon Savell saying the breakdown of a relationship between them could have been a motive for the attack.

He fled the scene in Clapham, at first using his bank card to travel around on the Tube network, and then walking a route that appeared to hug the banks of the River Thames.

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