Published On: Sat, Jan 27th, 2024

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera tops fantasy car list for British men | UK | News

The four-wheeled star of the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, tops the fantasy car league for motor-mad British males.

The grand touring vehicle, which outshone all others in the 2021 blockbuster, topped the list with 18 per cent of the vote.

With prices starting at £250,000, one in 10 of those polled said they would even sell their own home and move in with their parents if it meant they could buy one.

Next up on the hot list was the Jaguar F Type, chosen by 17 per cent. The Audi R8 was picked by 16 per cent and the Range Rover and the Aston Martin Vanquish both chosen by 15 per cent.

Researchers for insurance brand GoShorty also found the ultimate luxury car should be black.

Andy Moody, founder and MD, said: “A car is still seen as a symbol of status for many people.”

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