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Beautiful Italian town with stunning views – but some tourists slam it as ‘overrated’ | Travel News | Travel

A destination consistently featured at the forefront of travellers’ must-visit locations in Europe has been labeled as “overrated” by some tourists who have experienced the holiday spot.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy, situated between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, encompasses 16 enchanting municipalities within the province of Salerno.

Home to 13 cities and towns, the Amalfi Coast is akin to a string of jewels adorning the 55-kilometer UNESCO-listed coastline, renowned as one of the most splendid in the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the most delightful activities on the Amalfi Coast is to find a serene spot and simply absorb the breathtaking surroundings. Among the notable spots is Monte Solaro, a bed and breakfast located in Anacapri, offering stunning vistas of the twin bays of Salerno and Naples.

However, several tourists who have been to the popular destination were left dissatisfied with many of them calling it “overrated”. People found it difficult to drive through the narrow lanes of the city.

One of the users wrote on Tripadvisor: “There are better coastlines in Italy (cinque Terre)/and many in the world to visit that aren’t so overcrowded, overpriced, and straight up scary. Driving here is my personal hell, streets are so tight they should only be one way and people are not courteous at all.

“What should be a scenic, relaxing drive instead has locals on your tail honking and mad and buses around every corner where there’s absolutely no business for a large bus to be at. It’s terrifying and understandable why ever car has dents / huge scratches. Overrated.. avoid and save yourself the headaches.”

A second user echoed similar sentiments and added: “Overrated. The worst place I have ever been. The food is terrible as well as the service. Locals and transport are unreliable. don’t waste your time and your money here…”

Others claimed that the holiday destination has been ruined by “Instagrammers” who they claimed have been spoiling the authenticity of the region.

One user wrote: “We were staying near Sorrento and felt we had to visit the “famous” Amalfi coast. We considered using the local bus; hiring a car and going on a boat trip. We chose the latter because we heard so many bad reports about the bus trip and car hire. We were not disappointed. In fact that actual boat trip was the highlight! You get to see the coast from the boat; in a car/bus you get to see the sea from the coast!

“The boat called at Amalfi and then Positano on the way back. I understand the irony of this statement, but both were ruined by tourists and particularly by instagram bloggers and lasses desperate to take selfies in front of everything. We ended up spending the time in Amalfi at a restaurant and the time in Positano in another restaurant making out drinks last as long as possible. I guess you’ve got to do this trip and using the boat is probably the best way but don’t expect a shangri-la.”

A fourth user said: “Please don’t waste your time, or more importantly your money. The place is over run with people. There isn’t much of value to do other thank bug trinkets (mostly)made in china / and eat at crappy tourist restaurants.

“The Amalfi coastline is stunning, but it’s not as pretty as people rave about. All the authenticity has been stripped away. Amalfi is a victim of over tourism. We paid for an extra ticket to leave early. I was done after an hour.”

Meanwhile, some tourists loved being in Amalfi and shared their wonderful experiences.

One user wrote on Tripadvisor: “Beautiful area! The water, buildings, churches, all was amazing. There is a ferry you can take to do a coast cruise or another for a cave.”

A second user said: “I was always amazed by pictures of Amalfi Coast, but viewing it in real life was truly impressive. At every turn, azure blue waters lap sandy beaches and cradle limestone cliffs where a rainbow of colorful sugar cube homes cuddle the hillside……. what a welcome. Shopping is promiscous in a variety of forms from perfume to specialty paper, bespoke wood forms to inlaying in ceramics and for the ladies……fashion.

“I took a boat trip to Capri…a drop-dead beautiful island. Amalfi accommodations were superb as was the food and drink with my favorites being cacio e pepe (basically mac & cheese), herb garnished pizza and limoncello fritz……..yum yum. Grapes are harvested by hand on terraced plots and then shuttled by mule to the wineries that often sport restaurants. Seemingly endless heat and sunshine made a day at the beach equally rewarding.”

Between Positano and Vietri sul Mare unfolds a captivating stretch of coast, celebrated for its meandering highway tracing dramatic cliffs adorned with quaint villages and opulent villas perched on rocky slopes, revealing breathtaking views at every turn.

Panoramic hiking trails beckon adventurers into the hills, tracing paths once tread by shepherds and traveling merchants, including the renowned Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei).

Staircases, hewn directly into the cliff face, descend to the water’s edge, where crystalline coves and secluded jetties offer an ideal starting point for sea exploration, providing hidden retreats away from prying eyes above.

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