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Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals: Get £440 off and that’s not all

best samsung galaxy z flip 4 deals uk

Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 Deals: Samsung has launched a number of discounts and deals with its foldable (Image: SAMSUNG • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Searching for the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals? There are some tremendous deals available at the moment.

For a limited time, Samsung is offering £150 cashback with all Galaxy Z Flip 4 purchases. Better still, you don’t need to buy the handset from Samsung’s own online store to qualify for the cashback. However, if you do buy direct from Samsung then you’ll be able to combine the £150 cashback offer with the £290 discount available to those who trade-in an existing phone during the checkout process.

If maths isn’t your calling – don’t worry, we’ve done the sums for you. That’s a total discount of £440 off the cost of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Wowzers! Samsung offers 0% APR repayment plans, with monthly bills starting from just £19.70 per month for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

And the good news doesn’t end there as you’ll also enjoy a one-year subscription to Disney+ (worth £79) with any Galaxy Z Flip 4 purchase. 

If you’re unsure whether this foldable phone is right for you, check out our in-depth . The Galaxy Z Flip 4 launched alongside the Fold 4, which unfurls like a paperback instead of a flip-phone and boasts a larger tablet-like screen. If that appeals to you, we’ve got a dedicated guide on the .

Scroll down for a comprehensive of all the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals from mobile networks like EE, O2, Sky Mobile, Vodafone and others, as well as how these compare against the latest SIM-free deals from Amazon UK, Currys, Very and more. Find the full guide below, or click on the link to jump to the relevant section.

Haven’t got time to read all of that? Don’t worry, we’d recommend buying the Flip 4 from Samsung’s online store – with its £290 discount, free Disney+ subscription, and £150 cashback scheme. Samsung also has a number of exclusive colours not available from any other stores or mobile networks.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: What’s new?

For those who missed the launch event, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 improves on its predecessor in every way.

Samsung has boosted the performance of the rear-mounted cameras, faster charging, and longer battery life. Everything is powered by a speedy new processor from US chipmaker Qualcomm housed under the bonnet. But perhaps the biggest improvements to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 arrive in the form of software tweaks, with the ability to reply to text messages, unlock your car doors, and shoot Portrait Mode photos using the small Cover Screen – so you don’t always need to flip open the phone.

The Cover Screen – which remains the same size as found on the from last year – can also be customised with new backgrounds, custom clock designs and GIFs.

best samsung galaxy z flip 4 deals camera features

As well as making the Flip 4 more pocket-friendly, the hinge enables some impressive camera tricks (Image: SAMSUNG)

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is available in four colours, Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue. However, the Bespoke Edition – which allows users to pick ‘n mix between 75 different combinations of glass and frame colours – has now been expanded to 28 countries worldwide.

This is still only available direct from Samsung, so don’t expect to be able to sign-up to a pay monthly deal and then tweaking the colour of the hinge mechanism on your new model.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is available with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of built-in storage. There’s no microSD card slot in the foldable phone, so you won’t be able to expand the amount of local storage at a later date, so those who plan on taking a lot of photos and videos will want to buy the maximum amount of memory at checkout.

Of course, you can always store photographs and videos in the cloud with the likes of DropBox, Google Photos, or OneDrive. And with 5G support built into the Galaxy Z Flip 4, uploading large images to the cloud will likely be faster than your home broadband connection.

Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals

First up, Samsung has seriously bolstered its trade-in offering. For a limited time, the South Korean firm will pay up to £290 when you hand over an old handset when you buy the latest in the Galaxy Z Flip series. Best of all, you won’t need to send your existing phone to Samsung until after your shiny new Galaxy Z Flip 4 has arrived in the post and you’ve transferred all of your apps, personal data, photos, and more. 

With the trade-in value applied, you can pay for your Galaxy Z Flip 4 starting from just £19.70 per month with 0% interest from Samsung’s online store.

That’s not all: when you order Galaxy Z Flip 4 from Samsung, you’ll qualify for a one-year subscription to Disney+ (worth £79.90) to enjoy the slew of exclusive shows, like The Mandalorian, Andor, WandaVision, and Dopesick

Last, but by no means least, Samsung is also offering £150 cashback to anyone who buys the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

This is part of a larger promotion that offers cashback of varying amounts for a wide variety of Samsung gadgets, including tablets, fitness smartwatches, televisions, and more (so you might be able to get more cashback from Samsung if you treated yourself to a new telly in the last few weeks…)

There are a number of reasons to order the Galaxy Z Flip 4 from other online and high street stores.

For example, John Lewis & Partners offers an extra one-year hardware warranty on electronics compared to its closest competition (and Samsung itself). Some retailers, like Very, allow you to spread out repayment with a repayment plan, so you won’t have to stump-up all of the cash upfront.

Amazon Prime members can get next-day (and in some parts of the UK, same-day) delivery from Amazon at no extra cost. And if you live close to a branch of Argos, you might be able to arrange pick-up of your shiny new smartphone within a few hours – beating even Amazon for speediness!

We’ve rounded-up the latest SIM-free prices for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 below –

And finally, if you’d rather buy your new Galaxy Z Flip 4 on a pay monthly contract, the biggest UK mobile carriers have announced their preorder deals for the new foldable. And there are some stellar packages available.

It’s worth noting that regardless of whether you buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 direct from Samsung or with a pay monthly contract from EE, Three, O2, Vodafone, Sky Mobile, or others …you’ll still be able to claim the 12-months free subscription to Disney+. And for a limited time, you’ll also be able to claim the £150 cashback from Samsung too!

The biggest mobile networks in the UK also offer a number of other perks not available with you buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 outright and pair with a standalone SIM deal. This includes free Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, free subscriptions to streamers like Prime Video, and more. To make comparing the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals easier, we’ve picked plans with roughly 20-30GB of 5G mobile data allowance each month.

For our money, that’s more than enough to stream music from Spotify, watch a few clips on YouTube or TikTok, upload snaps to Instagram, and answer WhatsApp video calls away from Wi-Fi. Those who use their phone to tether to a laptop to work when away from a wireless broadband connection will need a little more data, while those who are permanently connected to their home, office, or public Wi-Fi networks might need a little less. This data allowance can be tweaked when you get to checkout.

However, 20-30GB is a good middle ground that should suit most use cases. Find the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals below from the major networks below –

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