Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2024

Breathtaking country is one of world’s cheapest for retired British expats | Travel News | Travel

British expats have a huge choice of destinations when it comes to retiring abroad. But while the thought of retiring in Australia might be tempting, it can come with a hefty price tag.

Luckily, there are a few incredible countries around the globe where a retired expat won’t need to pay quite so much.

The expert team at found that one of the most affordable countries for retired British expats was Thailand.

Already a popular destination for expats, Thailand offers sun, culture and fantastic cuisine at low prices.

According to the team’s research, a one-bedroom apartment in Sukhumvit, one of Bangkok’s most popular areas, costs just £652 per month.

If retiring by the beach is more attractive than city living, a beautiful one-bedroom resort style villa in stunning Koh Samui costs no more than £675 per month.

Thai cuisine is one of the world’s most popular and incredible street food can be purchased for just £1.30. Michelin standard food is available in Bangkok for under £40.

An expat, Pamela Manning, said: “A whole roast chicken costs £2.83 and between baguettes and homemade salad, I am pretty well sorted. Groceries cost me under £20 per week, but I eat the local food with friends as well.”

A primary concern for many retired Britons, healthcare is affordable in Thailand and the majority of specialists speak English. A doctor’s appointment is cheap while dental care is also much more affordable than in the UK.

Expat, Rachel Devlin, said: “Expats tend to live simpler lifestyles, and that impacts positively on the budget.

“A perfect starting point is between £1,573 and £1,966 (per month) to live comfortably, including some luxuries, like weekends away.”

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