Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2024

Brian May unveils how he turned Freddie Mercury classic into Queen live track | Music | Entertainment

This week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live looks back at Queen and Adam Lambert’s 2014 live performance of I Was Born To Love You in Japan.

Freddie Mercury penned the track for his first solo album, 1985’s Mr Bad Guy, before Queen turned it a song for the band on 1995’s Made In Heaven.

Following Freddie’s death in 1991, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon set about recording instrumental parts to his posthumous lyrics, with the resulting track ending up on the record.

Little did they know that years later that the song would further evolve into a live version, first with Paul Rodgers and then with Adam Lambert.

Reflecting on the evolution of I Was Born To Love You, Brian May said: “I had an obsession with the song, and had the idea to make a new version, simulating how it would have sounded if we had been able to play it live with Freddie on stage. So the Queen version was put together as a ‘virtual’ live track, using Freddie’s spectacular vocal as the central thread.

“Roger and John and I played our parts live, to a rearranged template I’d put together – complete with some additions to the arrangement, taking some liberties with the vocal, and even borrowing some choice Freddie ad-libs, to add to the feeling that it was a live band recording. Little did we know that years later we’d have the opportunity with Adam to finally bring this arrangement to life on a real stage.”

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