Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2024

China sparks WW3 fears as Xi ‘purges’ military to bring in loyalists ‘prepared to fight’ | World | News

China also has conflicts with other East Asian nations over the ownership of several islands. One such dispute involves the Paracel Islands, which are claimed by Vietnam but administered by China.

In another development, China recently arrested a consultant firm boss accused of spying for MI6. The country’s Ministry of National Security alleges that the British Secret Intelligence Service used a consulting firm official, identified locally as Huang Moumou, to gather intelligence.

Chinese media reported that Moumou, allegedly acting on instructions from MI6, entered the country to gather intelligence related to China.

This reportedly included identifying individuals who may be susceptible to approaching. It was also claimed that Moumou received intelligence training and equipment, and provided the UK with a number of state secrets.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security posted about the arrest on social media, claiming the man had been cooperating with the UK since 2015.

However, no further details were given about the nature of the intelligence gathered, or when and where the alleged spy was detained.

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