Published On: Sun, Dec 4th, 2022

Cruise ships slammed as Norwegian residents complain about the ships | Cruise | Travel

Norway’s fjords are extremely beautiful and many tourists choose to explore them via the water. However, not everyone is happy about the cruise ships.

A Norwegian posted on Reddit: “What do you think of all the cruise ships in the fjords during tourist/summer seasons? I absolutely loathe them, huge stupid white floating bricks are an eyesore!”

Another person added: “Worked in northern Norway for some cruises. The tourists were always pleasant and nice.

“But not one single person in the three years of tourism work could tell me their last or their next stop.

“What kind of vacation is that, where you just float around, brain completely on standby for two weeks?”

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Another person added: “I don’t like them. They look ugly and they pollute. And it’s especially bad in the deep, narrow fjords where the fumes can’t easily escape.”

Norwegian cruises will often visit the country’s fjords and stop in several towns along the way.

Many people also choose to visit Tromso in the north of the country where it is possible to see orcas and spot the Northern Lights.

Although there were several complaints about the cruise ships, some people said they actually didn’t mind the ships but the number of them was hard to handle.


One person wrote: “I grew up watching the cruise ships sail in and out of the fjord. That was okay and they made nice fun waves.

“Cosy to watch on a warm sunny night when they sailed with lights on and if the wind was right we could hear the passengers having a great time.

“Usually it was just one ship a day, maybe two. These days there are a bunch more and the ships are much bigger. It’s just too much.”

Cruise ships have become bigger over the years with many passengers seeking a huge range of facilities onboard their ship.

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However, the Northern Lights season occurs in winter and is when destinations such as Tromso may be busier.

Despite the general negativity, one person said: “I think they (the ships) fit the view very well. I think they are majestic.”

Another added: “I personally don’t mind the ships. I do mind that they honk every time they leave the harbour.”

Ships can be popular with residents who run souvenir stalls by the port as they are a good source of income.

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