Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2024

Dolly Parton shared rare sneak peek of real hair and tattoos as star turns 78 today | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jennifer Saunders, the star of Absolutely Fabulous, once said she saw Dolly’s ‘beautiful’ tattoos at dinner in Los Angeles.

“It was 9:30 in the evening, which meant that the restaurant was empty, because that’s what happens in LA, everyone goes home, no one stays out drinking late,” Jennifer remembered.

“And so the restaurant was empty and she just opened her jacket and showed us, can I say, the most beautiful tattoos.”

Dolly has now said yes, she does have lovely pastel tattoos that cover her scars.

Talking to CNN, she said: “If I have to get a scar for any reason, I never can kind of get rid of that purple look.

“So I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to kind of decorate these with some flowers or little butterflies or whatever.'”

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