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Elvis Presley’s brother finally gives his verdict on Elvis and Priscilla movies | Films | Entertainment

In the last 18 months, there have been two major Elvis Presley movies released by Hollywood.

Baz Luhrmann’s Graceland-approved Elvis movie received Oscar nominations after its 2022 release.

Meanwhile, Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla, based on the memoir of The King’s ex-wife, is also receiving awards buzz.

Fans may be split in their opinions on both of the movies but now Elvis’ brother has given his verdict on the two films.

Not everyone knows it, but The King was an identical twin. Tragically, Jesse Garon Presley was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before he the future star was. Yet, later in life, Elvis would welcome stepbrothers into the famous mansion when his father Vernon married again after the death of his wife Gladys in 1958.

He wed Dee Stanley, who had three sons called Bill, David and Rick. These boys would grow up next door to Graceland and be a part of the singer’s inner circle.

In 1972, Elvis asked David to drop out of school and join his entourage, the Memphis Mafia, when he was just 16. He would go on to be one of The King’s bodyguards for the remaining five years of his short life, which is recounted in his own movie about his relationship with Elvis called Protecting The King.

Posting his verdict of the two new films on Instagram, David wrote: “Over the last year I’ve seen Hollywood’s version of Elvis in the film ELVIS and Priscilla’s story of her life with Elvis in the film PRISCILLA.

“ELVIS was okay but I felt the film focused too much on Col Parker’s story. I recently watched PRISCILLA and came away from really liking it. I felt it was a good depiction of her life with Elvis.

“In 2007 I wrote, produced and directed a film called Protecting The King. The film is the story of my time with Elvis during the last five years of his life. Many of you have asked me how can we see the film.

“To buy or stream PROTECTING THE KING visit”

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