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Elvis VIP White Glove Experience review – Intimate contact with personal items | Music | Entertainment

The VIP White Glove Experience includes entry to the exhibition, a complimentary drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), a tote bag, £20 to spend in the gift shop and the main event: an exclusive chance to hold Elvis’ Gold Microphone and Gold International Belt which he used in Las Vegas from 1969.

Upon our arrival, we were given half an hour from our time slot to explore the main exhibition before congregating in the back corner by a glass case display containing the microphone and belt. At this point, a member of staff roped off the area, asking everyone else to leave while we and the few others who had signed up for the VIP experience stood in a circle.

After being handed white gloves to put on, the transparent case was opened as one at a time we were handed Elvis’ Las Vegas mic to hold for a moment and have our picture taken with it. (NB: not held as though we were singing. Instead, it was cupped with the wire in our hands out of respect for The King.)

As an Elvis fan, this was an extraordinary connection to rock history. And you could tell just how exclusive an opportunity it was, with fans on the other side of the rope peering over in amazement and asking if we “felt a vibe”. But the best was yet to come.

Long, gold-plated and featuring rubies and diamonds fit for a King, Elvis’ Gold International Belt was next to have photos holding. This was a gift from the Las Vegas International Hotel to the star, made in the style of a boxer’s belt, to congratulate him on his record attendance as a performer at the venue where he did his residencies.

Another incredible fact about this piece that the star wore around his waist on and off stage, is that it was the very belt he wore in his famous meeting with President Richard Nixon in the White House’s Oval Office. Overall this was a very special experience and unique opportunity not to be missed by Elvis fans and those with a keen interest in rock music history.

Tickets for the Elvis VIP White Glove Experience cost £125 and can be booked here.

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