Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2022

Energy saving tips: Simple appliance swaps could help you save over £1,100 | Personal Finance | Finance

Swap electric oven for slow cooker

By swapping the use of an electric oven to cook to a slow cooker instead, households could save 59 per week, amounting to £30.68 per year.

On the simple swap, Forbes Advisor experts said: “There are whole recipe books dedicated to slow cooker and one-pot meals as they are both a time and money-saving way to prepare meals. The savings compared to a conventional oven may seem slim, but every penny soon adds up.”

Swap an electric oven for a microwave

While this may not be the most favoured swap, Britons looking to accrue even larger savings could opt to make more use of the microwave instead of the electric oven.

Households making this swap could make savings of up to £2.28 a week, which could amount to £118.59 a year according to Forbes Advisor.

It said: “Not only are microwaves cheaper to run, but they can also be a much quicker way to prepare all or part of your meal, saving you time as well as money.”

Swap an electric hob for an air fryer

Households swapping to the popular air fryer appliance could make a saving of up to £1.25 a week, amassing to £65 a year.

Forbes Advisor said: “Air fryers are positioned as a fast and healthy way to prepare all sorts of food – and they can be cheaper to run than a typical electric hob.”

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