Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2024

EU migrant scheme handed brutal verdict as Poland refuses to take any | World | News

An overwhelming amount of Express readers approved Donald Tusk’s decision to reject the migrant scheme the European Council is trying to push through.

A survey carried out between January 5 and 6 on 1,349 people saw a whopping 92 percent replying yes to the question “Is Poland’s Donald Tusk right to reject the EU’s migrant scheme?”.

Only 6 percent of voters replied no to the poll, and the remaining 2 percent chose the “don’t know” option.

A few Express readers also voiced their views on Mr Tusk’s move in the form of comment, with one writing: “I don’t like much of what Tusk says or stands for but agree with this one thing.” Another also wrote: “Yes he’s right but I find this very surprising.”

Indeed, Mr Tusk is a strong supporter of the European Union and became known in the UK as EU Council President during the years of Brexit talks for its anti-Brexit stance.

In 2019 he famously said there was a “special place in hell” for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the other Brexit architects who took the UK outside of the EU.

His election as Polish Prime Minister in October has been hailed by those who want a stronger EU, as Mr Tusk is widely expected to bring Poles back into the fold of the bloc. Among other issues he will likely smooth over with the EU is Poland’s breaches of judicial independence.

However, he has made clear yet another time this week he will not build a bridge over the rift of migration, which means Poland will continue not to accept refugee quotas the EU is trying to impose on each member.

The New Pact on Migration and Asylum was agreed between the European Parliament and Council in December, more than three years after it was first proposed.

The scheme gives EU members the choice of either taking in some of the migrants who have arrived elsewhere or making “solidarity payments”, consisting of a hefty fee in lieu of each person refused entry.

Earlier this week, Mr Tusk said: “The position of the Polish government [is that] we will not accept any forced mechanism [to relocate asylum seekers] and I want to assure you that Poland will not accept illegal migrants under any such mechanism.”

He added: “We will not accept a single migrant. Poland will never be part of such a mechanism.” The Polish Prime Minister already demonstrated his tough stance on immigration in 2015, when he was the chief of the European Council.

As the EU was facing a massive migration crisis, Mr Tusk swung the bloc away from the refugee-friendly policies being embraced by the then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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