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Europe’s friendliest city breaks named – full list | Travel News | Travel

Europe boasts a wide range of diverse and popular destinations that attract millions of visitors each year. When looking for travel inspiration, many consider transport links, the weather, local cuisines and tourist attractions, often forgetting to check how friendly or safe a city is.

Luggage storage company Bounce have taken the guesswork out of finding a friendly city for your next getaway, by ranking popular cities across Europe on factors such as happiness scores, crime rates, and LGBTQ+ acceptance.

To achieve this, they looked at the destinations ranked in Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022, sourced from the Jerusalem Post. The crime and safety index and percentage of people who fear pickpocketing or mugging were sourced from Numbeo on May 2023.

LGBTQ+ friendliness data was sourced from Open for Business 2022 City Ratings. Finally, the happiness score out of 10 of each city was sourced from the World Happiness Report 2020.

From its diverse cultural and natural offerings, to its excellent connections, it’s no surprise that Europe is a top choice for travellers from around the world. While some countries are renowned for their local attractions, the following European spots are known for their friendliness.

Zurich, Switzerland | Friendliness score: 9.89/10

The Swiss capital ranks as the friendliest destination in Europe, popular among outdoorsy types and history buffs alike. The safe destination offers the perfect city escape while boasting mountainous landscapes and the beautiful Lake Zurich – ideal for any traveller.

It also has the highest happiness index score of all the cities in the study, scoring 7.54 out of 10. It’s perfect for any kind of getaway, with its unrivaled nightlife and world-class museums.

Zurich also beats all other destinations when it comes to pickpocketing fears, with only 13 percent of visitors and locals worried about falling victim to mugging.

The Swiss city is also LGBTQ+ inclusive, with the Zurich Pride Parade expected to attract thousands of visitors this June 17th thanks to its famous street parties and lively atmosphere.

Copenhagen, Denmark | Friendliness score: 8.59/10

Blending history, culture, and Scandinavian charm, Copenhagen ranks as Europe’s second-friendliest city. Visitors can explore museums, browse trendy boutiques and appreciate the city’s elegant and modern character while marvelling at beautiful architecture and eating traditional dishes like open sandwiches and Danish hotdogs.

Copenhagen is one of the safest cities on the list, with a crime and safety index of 26 out of 100. It is also one of the happiest, and like Zurich, very accepting to LGBTQ+ individuals.  

In fact, one of the most popular events in the city is the Copenhagen Pride Parade, which takes place on August 19 this year at the City Hall Square.

Munich, Germany | Friendliness score: 8.26/10

Often called the cultural capital of Germany, and with a fascinating history dating back centuries, Munich is ideal for a city break.

If its historical landmarks, like the Nymphenburg Palace, are not your thing, Munich is also renowned for its delicious cuisine and traditional beer culture.

Munich was found to be the safest destination on the list, with a crime and safety index of 19 out of 100.

It is also one of the top cities when it comes to LGBTQ+ inclusion, with Munich Gay Pride 2023 taking place from June 10 to June 25.

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