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Expert on three ‘life-changing tips’ when catching a flight | Travel News | Travel

Posting to TikTok, verified travel influencer Tina Pik – owner of the social media channel Hangry By Nature – revealed three travel hacks you could benefit from.

When travelling to the airport, one thing you would want to bring in your carry-on bag is an empty bottle.

“Always bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport,” said Pik, who certified that once you pass the security checks, “you’ll find water fountains everywhere to fill [up] your bottle” for free.

Pik emphasised how this little travel hack could save you from buying overpriced water at the airport, which many people have been caught out by time and time again.

Once on the plane, if you find that the armrest on the aisle seat is secured down, there is a way to lift it to make getting into and out of the seat more comfortable.

In the video, Pik shows how to unlock the armrest by locating the latch beneath the aisle seat handlebar to enable it to lift upwards.

One of the most important rules to follow is to not exchange currency at the airport – ever.

“Do not exchange at the airport,” said Pik. “They know tourists are scrambling for local currency when they arrive, and you never get a good rate.”

Pik said: “You’re probably better off withdrawing money from the ATM.” Although, the best way to exchange money is to do so before arriving at the airport with banks and credit unions.

One fan, Join the gummy bear cult, told Pik he “loves” her videos, while another, Italian_god51 said her travel hacks were “awesome”.

Three “life-changing” travel hacks

  1. Bring an empty water bottle to the airport
  2. Don’t exchange currency at the airport
  3. How to unlock an armrest

In one of her other videos, Pik revealed numerous things you could do if you decide to travel on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

From ordering breakfast to your room to not getting off the ship on port days if you didn’t want to.

Pik revealed there is an adult-only section of the ship to enjoy a more restful cruise.

“You can watch a cocktail be made by robots, and walk all around the ship with your drink in hand,” said Pik.

“You can join [an] organised team sport [activity] and make new friends [while on the ship],” she added.

“Heck, you can even go and see a doctor if you like,” Pik added, so you can always feel like you’re in safe company.

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