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Flight attendants recommend two ‘game changer’ luggage items | Travel News | Travel

Whether you’re a frequent flier or are simply looking for a suitcase that will last you for many years to come, then who better to ask than a ? Cabin crew jet off around the world, often on a weekly basis, as part of their job. And their hand luggage bags go through a lot along the way.

In a Reddit forum, flight attendants from around the world weighed in on their favourite brands of suitcases to use as cabin bags, with two brands, in particular, being hailed for their durability.

The two brands recommended by the crew come at different price points, however, while they may be an investment upfront, the flight attendants have vouched that their luggage has lasted them as long as 15 years, if not more.

However, as well as the brand of luggage you are opting for, one flight attendant advised opting for a specific style of suitcase too. “I strongly recommend getting a two-wheel bag,” wrote Reddit user Revan_Antipas.

“The four-wheel spinners wheels are never as durable as the two wheels, and it’s simple physics when you hit bumps that the four-wheel spinners wheels will take more traumatic force than the two wheels. Reliability over usability is important for a bag that gets a lot of use and abuse.”

As well as knowing the best types of luggage to use, cabin crew are also no strangers to making sure they can pack every single thing they need into their allotted luggage allowance. If you want to learn more about some .

Travelpro is a luggage brand which has come up time and time again in recommendations from cabin crew online. Several crew members hailed the luggage as a slightly cheaper option than Briggs and Riley (more to come on that later), but one which won’t let you down.

“It’s an investment but it’s worth it,” commented one crew member. “Travelpro will last forever. Mine is still going strong after seven years.”

A second crew member added: “I approve this message. I have been flying with the same Travelpro for the last 15 years. The handle still folds up and down like a new bag.”

A third crew member, who has served as a flight attendant for one year, said the Travelpro luggage is a firm favourite and was even recommended to them by their father who has been working as flight crew for over 35 years.

“Travelpro flight crews are like the Toyota Camry of flight crew bags, they’re not fancy but will get you wherever you need to go,” they explained.

The cabin crew on Reddit aren’t the first to recommend Travelpro as a go-to brand either. Previously, in a video posted to her TikTok page, American flight attendant Sharmy detailed how Travelpro is actually a brand many airlines prefer their crew to use.

“Most importantly our luggage is considered a part of our uniform. It is highly regulated by airlines, everything from size to colour down to the colour the zippers can be,” she explained.

“For some airlines they even regulate the make of suitcase that you can use, meaning some will say you can only use Travelpro everything – suitcase, lunch box, tote.”

According to the cabin crew member, it’s the for professional travellers.

“But in addition to our luggage being a part of our appearance guidelines, Travelpro is actually just really good quality stuff,” she continued.

“As someone who decided not to buy the Travelpro suitcase when I was in airline training, I went through a suitcase every two months.

“In this job, we beat suitcases down. We cannot use the same suitcases as the casual traveller who is going to Disney once a year. You will be dragging 50 pounds of your stuff through the airport with a broken wheel or a broken handle. Travelpro just is made well and lasts a really long time.”

Pricing depends on the model and size of the suitcase you are looking for. But, luckily, there are a number of Travelpro suitcases on sale right now on the Travelpro website. Or, you can also get a Travelpro suitcase on Amazon from £113.

You can also get a Travelpro suitcase on Amazon from £113.

Briggs & Riley is another big-name suitcase brand which was recommended by several crew members in the Reddit forum.

“Briggs & Riley is the gold standard for flight attendant bags,” commented user Revan_Antipas. “Weight, durability, warranty.”

This was echoed by another crew member, Amelia Pond, though she noted these were the most expensive of all of the recommendations.

Briggs & Riley might be on the more high-end side of the suitcase world, but with a “lifetime guarantee” you can travel with ease. They offer everything from checked luggage to backpacks and bags, so you can make sure every item is accounted for.

According to the brand, their best-selling wheelie bags are the Essential 56cm Carry-on Expandable Spinner bag, which retails for £599, and the Domestic 56cm Carry-in Expandable Spinner bag, which retails for £479.

One cabin crew member recommended opting for the Baseline Essential 22″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner, commenting: “Trust me, it’s worth it.”

You can also buy some Briggs & Riley bags on Amazon

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