Published On: Fri, Dec 2nd, 2022

Gary Neville backs up Graeme Souness as FIFA slammed ‘senseless’ over Japan World Cup goal | Football | Sport

“I can’t believe FIFA aren’t showing us pictures that conclusively show the ball over the line. This is not subjective, this is a black and white situation. Show us the pictures.

“We’re getting close to an hour since the incident. The longer they don’t come up with a picture, that last bit would show me that ball is out of play. The longer they don’t produce that picture which shows conclusively that its not gone out of play, you’d think there’s something untoward going on. It has to be.”

Neville gave his view on the goal during the programme after Japan’s incredible performance to defeat the Spaniards. “Absolutely unbelievable from Japan,” the ex-Manchester United man added. “We moved enormously in recent years with technology, hundreds of cameras where you can’t miss anything but we’ve gone backwards in decisions. The official on the pitch disallowed that goal, someone in that VAR studio thought they should categorically overturn it.”

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