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Harrison Ford’s original 1976 Star Wars script discovered in Notting Hill flat | Films | Entertainment

But how did the script get there?

As many fans already know, the first ever Star Wars was filmed at the famous Elstree Studios here in Hertfordshire, UK. All of the huge stars that feature in the first of the classic movie trilogy, such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamil, stayed in accommodation around the Hertfordshire site.

Harrison Ford ended up choosing a flat in London’s trendy Notting Hill, making it easy for him to travel to the studios. According to the family that rented it to him, their grandmother advertised the flat in The Sunday Times ‘To Let’ section, for a lodger to occupy the top floors of their house. 

And incredibly, the family were completely oblivious to Ford’s celebrity status and simply referred to him as ‘The Lodger’. This resulted in quite a shock for their cleaner, who ended up fainting at the mere sight of the actor when she realised exactly who he was. 

While Harrison Ford stayed with the family he often invited his co-stars over. Both Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, and Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, apparently visited frequently. 

But surprisingly, again, the owners had no idea who they were either and even referred to Mark Hamill as ‘the boy’ because that was what his older co-star called him at the time.

The family described Ford as an “excellent tenant, very tidy” and ended up building a friendship with the star. When he wanted to relax after a hard day’s filming, the family would often have drinks with him in the garden, and they were thrilled when he gave them money for some new plants.

The flat owner recalls fondly “Summer 1976 was a great time. He was an ideal tenant!”

The actor even attended her son’s first birthday party in that very garden. Ford ended up leaving the now cherished piece of Star Wars history in the flat after filming ended, and the family have treasured it ever since. The script is a revised fourth draft of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

It is an incomplete script which only adds to its charm, with different coloured pages indicating revisions. While there ended up being five drafts, this 4th revised edition gives a valuable insight into the making of one of the most celebrated and loved movies ever made, and includes scenes and characters that ended up being cut from the final edit. 

Now, fans have the chance to purchase the script for themselves as it goes up for sale with renowned auctioneers Kings Langley, Excalibur, based in Primrose Hill. Bidding will begin on February 17th at the Collectors’ Cavern Auction. 

As you might expect, fan interest is likely to be very high. This unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia could fetch a large sum of money and carries an estimate of £8,000-£12,000.

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