Published On: Sun, Dec 31st, 2023

How to shop the sales like a stylist

Have a list

This may seem obvious but don’t underestimate it. Check in with your wardrobe regularly, to check where your gaps are.

I have a permanent wishlist on my phone of such items, including a few new pieces each season that I am lusting over, then you are clear on what you need and less likely to stray.

Do your research

If there’s a particular item you’ve been hankering over, go and see it ‘in the flesh’ feel the fabric, try it on, make sure it’s absolutely right before you hit ‘add to basket’.

Get informed

Investing in a personal stylist and understanding your colours and cuts which best suit your colouring and body shape is money well spent, enabling you to narrow your search and zone in with laser-focus on the pieces that will work for you meaning faster, more effective shopping.

If shopping online, having your measurements scribbled down somewhere handy can help you avoid disappointment.

Do the full price check

Don’t get seduced by a bargain! If you wouldn’t invest at full price then you are probably in love with the discount rather than the garment so keep scrolling. 

Be choosy

Wardrobe space is at a premium and clutter breeds confusion – so get picky about what you allow inside.

Does it make your heart beat faster? If you’re not in love with the garment you just haven’t met the love of your life yet.

Get Strategic

Will it extend your existing outfit options? Does it represent your personal style or have you fallen into a trend-trap? How many different ways can you wear it? (You want at least three). Aim for quality over quantity and buy the best you can afford for sustainability.

Be practical

Would it be straightforward to return or is the effort prohibitive? Is the garment ready to wear as is, or will you have to get it tailored? 

And finally…

It’s easy to be drawn to the sparkly, unusual and statement pieces but does it fit with your lifestyle and is it what you actually need? The biggest gaps are inevitably quality basics which are comparatively boring to shop for but are your clothing building blocks. Calculate the cost-per-wear before you buy.

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