Published On: Sat, Jan 27th, 2024

‘I’m a make-up artist and these lippy shades will make your eyes pop’

“Letting your eye colour influence your lipstick choice is a great way to make sure your eyes pop and the colour flatters you,” said makeup artist Belinda Chatterton.

If you have ever worn a lipstick shade that washed you out but looked amazing on a friend, it’s because certain hues work better with different facial features.

“Brown eyes look amazing with lipsticks that have a cool undertone,” said Belinda. “A striking red or pink is a perfect choice to bring out the different tones in your brown eyes.”

Belinda added: “Green, grey or hazel eyes will stand out even more with plum and cranberry lipsticks. “If you have blue eyes and want them to really sparkle then choose warm-toned corals, reds and berries.”

Makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury revealed the steps to applying the perfect lipstick, because it’s not as simple as putting on a rouge and stepping out.

One of the most important ways to have a perfect-looking pout is to prep the lip area before applying lipstick. Hydrating the lips with lip oil or balm will ensure they are not looking dry and wrinkled.

A recommendation is Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir, which is said to nourish the lips with “high-performance ingredients to smooth and plump the look of your lips”.

The price is on the more expensive side, however, coming in at £28, so if you’d rather nourish the lips with a less pricey lip balm, so be it.

Another makeup tip from Charlotte Tilbury is to sharpen your lip liner to create a “crisp, defined lip shape ready for lipstick”.

When lining your lips, begin by drawing halfway between the cupid’s bow and the corner of the mouth for a “heart-shaped” look that follows the natural curvature of your lip.

For a fuller-looking pout, you can slightly overline the lips, especially in the cupid bow’s area, which is highly on trend at the moment.

Charlotte Tilbury clarified: “To achieve that heart-shaped lip look, focus your over-lining on the centre of your lips to emphasise the cupids bow for a fuller looking, pouty appearance.”

Then you need to fill in the rest of the lip with lip liner to create a smooth, even base for the lipstick and to enhance the lipstick’s staying power.

When it comes to applying the lipstick shade of your choice, precise application can be achieved by using a lip brush on the outer edges.

To build colour intensity, you then apply lipstick from the bullet to the centre of the lips for that va-va-vroom pop of colour.

A finishing step recommended by Charlotte Tilbury is topping up with lip gloss for added shine that will make lips look fuller.

Lipstick steps

  1. Nourish the lips
  2. A sharp lip liner
  3. Lip line lips
  4. Overfill for more pout
  5. Lip brush for precision
  6. Apply lipstick
  7. Apply gloss

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