Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2024

James Whale kicks former union boss out of TalkTV studio | Politics | News

Former RMT union boss Steve Hedley claimed “Britain is a terrorist state” as he was chucked out of the TalkTV studio for “talking rubbish”.

During a discussion about rail strikes, Hedley launched a passionate speech in support of militants Hamas.

On James Whale Unleashed, Hedley said: “The Israeli government is being brought before the world because everyone has realised there is a genocide going on.”

To which veteran broadcaster Whale responded: “You’re talking rubbish.”

Hedley, Whale and fellow co-host Ash Gould then became embroiled in a war of words, prompting Whale to tell the former union boss to leave the studio.

Hedley, as the other men continued to speak, said: “I’m not talking rubbish. The Palestinian people are occupied people and they have a right to defend themselves.”

He went on to say Hamas “did not exist” when conflict in Gaza began in the 1940s – having been founded in 1987 – claiming Palestine was “occupied”.

Co-host Gould said Palestinian people were “occupied now” but “weren’t in 2005” – prior to when Hamas seized control of the Strip following the Battle of Gaza.

Addressing Gould, Hedley later said: “Britain is a terrorist state isn’t it Ash? That’s the reality.

“Britain’s a terrorist state, America is a terrorist state and Israel is a terrorist state.”

Whale was then seen standing up and approaching Hedley saying “out, come on”.

Hedley could be heard suggesting Whale was “trying to assault” him, to which the presenter replied “I’m not trying to assault you, I’m an old man with cancer.”

Hedley initially said he was “making a statement” so would not leave the studio, calling Whale a “silly little man” and a “genocide enabler”.

However, after Whale moved the microphone, saying “you talk cr**, all you can spout is that cr**, genocide enabler”, Whale left the TalkTV studio.

Hedley left the studio shouting “free Palestine”.

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