Published On: Thu, Jan 4th, 2024

Jeffrey Epstein files latest: Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton named | US | News

Right-wing enthusiasts exaggerated the importance of the Epstein documents before their release, generating sensational claims and maintaining engagement with misleading content while awaiting what they promised would be groundbreaking revelations.

The delay in actual updates provided an opportunity for the dissemination of false leads and a general sense of distrust. It’s important to note that the presence of a person’s name in the Maxwell case evidence doesn’t inherently indicate criminal wrongdoing; some individuals, whose identities have been protected, are alleged victims of sexual abuse.

Leading up to the court filings, misleading Epstein-related content proliferated on X/Twitter. Posts falsely claimed to share Epstein’s client list, misrepresenting the nature of the documents. These lists, often unsourced and riddled with errors, implicated well-known Democrats and liberal critics of Trump in visits to Epstein’s private island.

Additionally, QAnon promoters and Trump fan accounts propagated the idea that Trump played a crucial role in exposing Epstein, contrary to documented evidence of their long-term friendship.

After Tuesday passed without the anticipated records, conspiracy theorists speculated on the cause of the delay. Some, including Donald Trump Jr., incorrectly predicted that the names would never be disclosed.

When actual files were released on Wednesday evening, far-right commentators sought to spin them in favor of Republicans and Trump. Individuals like Benny Johnson and Jack Posobiec claimed the documents cleared Trump of any wrongdoing, based on selective snippets of witness testimony. No evidence from the documents suggests misdoing on Trump’s part, but also none points to his clear innocence.

Even after scrutiny of the documents began, high-profile conspiracists shifted focus to other unverifiable stories. Alex Jones, reinstated on X by Musk, claimed the Epstein client list and flight logs were distractions from suppressed video data showing Epstein’s abuse of children. However, there’s no reason to believe InfoWars has special insight into the evidence collected on Epstein’s trafficking ring.

In a separate incident, malicious fake news emerged from a feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers. Right-wing trolls circulated fake images of a fabricated deposition from the Giuffre case, falsely claiming that Kimmel had engaged in inappropriate activities at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. Similarly, false claims circulated about director Steven Spielberg‘s intention to leave the United States if the Epstein Client List was released.

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