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One of Britain’s most famous families tied to UK village with unique history and no pubs | Travel News | Travel

Many visitors to Birmingham tend to focus on the city centre, but there are charming villages surrounding it that are waiting to be explored.

Nestled in southwest Birmingham, Bournville stands as a quaint village with a rich history, crafted by the Cadbury family.

Established by George and Richard Cadbury, sons of John Cadbury, the village of Bournville is a reminder of their vision and the family’s legacy, that lives on centuries later.

Even those unfamiliar with Birmingham recognise the name Cadbury, as the chocolate giant – famous for treats including Mini Eggs, Wispa, and Crunchie – commemorates its 200th anniversary this year.

John Cadbury’s journey began with a modest shop on Bull Street, where he initially sold tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

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While Bournville has its own undeniable charm, it also has unique characteristics, including the fact it lacks pubs due to its Quaker roots.

Residents and visitors seeking a quick drink must venture to neighbouring areas of Birmingham, such as Selly Oak and Stirchley, to find watering holes.

And while traditional pubs and bars are absent in Bournville, alternative options for purchasing alcohol do exist, such as corner shops.

Today, Bournville remains a thriving community with a strong sense of identity and pride in its heritage. It also attracts visitors interested in exploring its unique history, architecture, and the legacy of the Cadbury family.

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