Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2024

Palword fans issued urgent iPhone and Android warning – ignoring it will be costly | Gaming | Entertainment

Palworld developer Pocketpair has issued a warning to fans of the hugely popular open-world game. After selling more than 12 million copies in just a couple of weeks, the game has seemingly attracted the attention of scammers. In a recent post on social media, the Palworld studio tells fans to beware of iPhone and Android apps claiming to be affiliated with the game. Currently available for PC and Xbox, there are no official Palworld games or companion apps available for smartphones and tablets. According to Pocketpair, any apps claiming to be affiliated with the game could be attempting to steal your personal information.

“Warning. There is no Palworld application for phones,” reads a Pocketpair tweet.

“Apps using names and product images such as “パルワールド” and “Palworld” are appearing on the AppStore and Google Play, but they are not affiliated with our company in any way.

“We have reported this issue to Apple, which operates the App Store, and Google, which operates Google Play. Please be aware that downloading these apps may lead to the leakage of personal information stored on your smartphone or to fraud.”

The only way to play Palworld on mobile or tablets is with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership via the Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

While there’s always a chance the game could eventually get ported to mobile (or Pocketpair creates a companion app for multiplayer), the studio is currently focused on new content updates and providing a more stable gameplay experience.

Palworld is an open-world adventure game that shares similarities with games like Monster Hunter and Pokemon. The game sees players attempt to capture “Pals”, all the while defeating bosses.

Developer PocketPair explains more: “Embark on an open-world adventure through Palworld, where you can discover and capture over 100 Pals!

“Unveil the secrets of this mysterious land, overcome formidable bosses, and build powerful bases. Use your Pals to do tasks for you and automate entire production lines.”

In addition to capturing Pals and defeating bosses, players will be able to farm the land, build structures, and even open factories.

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