Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2024

Pitt spotted at Daytona International Speedway amid F1 movie filming | F1 | Sport

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has been seen at NASCAR’s famous Daytona International Speedway as he works on a new blockbuster. He’s filming for an upcoming movie about Formula One, where he’ll play a fictional racing legend Sonny Hayes alongside other big name actors including like Javier Bardem.

Dressed in a white racing suit and a cosy green woolly hat, Brad was busy filming scenes for the movie ‘Apex’, directed by Joseph Kosinski. He is also the genius behind Tom Cruise’s box office smash ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and hopes this new film will be just as successful.

At one point, Brad even got into a Porsche 911 GT3 RS racing car during the ‘Rolex Roar Before 24’ event as he embraced his new role. Filming for ‘Apex’ has recently resumed after the end of the Hollywood actors strike in 2023.

The film, which Apple has picked up, has scenes shot in various locations including Hungary, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, and last year’s British Grand Prix. Alongside Brad as Hayes, Damson Idris will star as Joshua Pierce, and Bardem will play an unnamed F1 team owner.

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, who is co-producing the film, shared his nerves about the project, saying: “There are nerves because it is something we’ve been working on for so long. We want everyone to love it and to really feel that we encapsulate what the essence of this sport is all about.”

He also expressed his excitement about Hollywood star Pitt playing F1 legend Hayes as he talked up the prospect at a recent British GP press conference. Praising the actor, he said: “Brad looks like he’s ageing backwards. He looks great for his age.

“It was a big topic when we were discussing the first story but he’s super fit, he’s been training. At the end of the day, it’s a movie so there will be a Hollywood element to it that will make it believable.”

The Mercedes driver, aged 39, added: “I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Brad Pitt in a Formula 1 movie. It’s incredible,” showing his support for the ‘Fight Club’ star as he steps into new territory alongside co-stars Idris and Bardem.

‘Moneyball’ star Pitt previously gave some insight into the story, telling Sky Sports: “I would be a guy who raced in the 90s, in fact, I would have been on the track with you at some point, so we’ve got to get to you to do a cameo!

“He has a horrible crash, kind of craps out and disappears and then is racing in other disciplines. And then his friend, played by Javier Bardem is a team owner. They’re the last place team, they’re 21, 22 on the grid, they never scored a point, and they have young phenom played by Damson Idris and he brings me in as a kind of a Hail Mary, and hijinks ensue.”

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