Published On: Sat, Jul 29th, 2023

Princess Diana’s black gown ‘caused an uproar’ – but it wasn’t the revenge dress

and tied the knot on July 29, 1981, exactly 42 years ago today.

For her wedding, she wore a puffy white wedding dress in a very 1980s style, designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel.

Diana paired this with the Spencer tiara from her father’s jewellery collection and her mother’s earrings.

The diamond wedding earrings, which belonged to Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, were composed of a central pear-shaped diamond surrounded by 50 smaller diamonds.

Diana first wore these earrings a few months prior to the wedding at a fundraising concert at Goldsmiths Hall, along with her famous black strapless gown which was also designed by the Emanuels.

Professional stylist Molly Elizabeth Agnew, the founder of Eternal Goddess, spoke exclusively to  about this dress and why it had “more of an impact” than her revenge dress from 1994.

She claimed: “While we all remember the revenge dress as Diana’s famous black gown moment, in my opinion, there is one other that perhaps had more of an impact in hindsight.

“For her first official public engagement alongside then-Prince Charles, Diana chose to wear a silk, highly ruffled, strapless black ballgown.

“While Diana shone in the piece, it also caused quite a panic. Not only had she worn black – a colour usually reserved for mourning and not seen as appropriate for an evening event – the neckline too caused an uproar.

“Strapless is certainly not a royal fashion no-no (contrary to popular belief), however, this particular gown showed a little too much when the Princess exited her car, leaning over slightly.

“This gown, arguably her first major sartorial moment, isn’t often discussed and yet it predicted, from the very beginning, that Diana would bend rules and sit in the spotlight.”

Ms Agnew opened up about the current members of the Royal Family and who is most likely to continue the late Princess’s style legacy.

She suggested: “There is only one rule in recent years that has had the same impact on the fashion industry that Diana once did.

“Named ‘the Duchess effect’ for a reason, the current Princess of Wales has been in the public eye for over two decades, with her style influencing an array of age groups.

“To have such an impact, one needs time. This is what both Diana and Catherine have in common.

“Both women have shown growth and development in their style, both had fashion moments that are best forgotten and both have had moments that will enter the history books.

“While one could argue that the Duchess of Sussex has also had some great fashion moments, the fact she is not so often seen in the public domain means her potential impact is limited.”

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