Published On: Fri, Jan 5th, 2024

Princess Mary’s dress sparks the same complaint from royal fans | Royal | News

But even though royal fans loved the Crown Princess’s look, they had one negative thing to say – that the dress was “far too wrinkled”.

One user wrote on Instagram: “Mary looks stunning and the colour looks gorgeous on her but the wrinkles are really ruining it for me” while another one said: “A rare miss for Mary. The cut and colour of the dress are great and the styling is on point, but that fabric is ruining everything. All I see is wrinkles EVERYWHERE.”

A third one added: “Of course, it’s appropriate for the occasion. But, I don’t care for the style or fabric. It is way too wrinkled” while a fourth one said: “She has much better looks. It’s appropriate but very boring. Besides, the fabric doesn’t do anything for her.”

A fifth one opined: “That is a very unforgiving fabric, I honestly don’t mind wrinkles – it is just absurd to demand perfection from anyone. But this fabric is the kinda of fabric that looks rumpled. The color is good though.”

The royal will be named Queen Mary of Denmark after Margrethe abdicates the throne on January 14.

Last Sunday, the Queen, who has reigned for 52 years, shocked royal watchers around the world as she announced her abdication live on TV in a New Year address to her nation.

The 83-year-old monarch will abdicate the throne on January 14 as she made clear it was her ill health which was part of the reason for giving up her responsibilities.

The monarch had undergone extensive back surgery back in February this year.

In her address on New Year’s Eve, the Queen said: “The surgery naturally gave rise to thinking about the future – whether the time had come to leave the responsibility to the next generation.”

She added: “I have decided that now is the right time. On 14 January 2024 – 52 years after I succeeded my beloved father – I will step down as queen of Denmark.”

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