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The beautiful island with a pretty pink sand beach where you might be the only tourist | Travel News | Travel

A once-tourist laden beach with gorgeous pink sand is now a forbidden attraction – which can only be viewed from afar by boat. For anyone to even come within touching distance of it, they may end up breaching a strict rule which was implemented decades ago. 

Spiaggia Rosa, also known as Pink Beach, stands out as one of the world’s most stunning coastal destinations, owing to its captivating and uncommon pink sand that sparkles beautifully under the sunlight.

Situated on Budelli Island, off the coast of Sardinia, the distinctive colour of the beach is attributed to the Pink Miniacina microorganism shells.

The enchanting pink sand faced a threat from tourists in 1980, prompting authorities to take action against those caught pilfering sand – which saw its vibrant hue fade at an alarming rate.

Presently, Pink Beach can only be admired via organised boat tours, as stepping foot on the beach is strictly prohibited. The island has only one permanent inhabitant—the guardian of Spiaggia Rosa.

Since 2017, trading sand, shells, and pebbles from Sardinia has been declared illegal, and tourists can be detected through airport scanners if they try their luck.

Violators may be subject to fines of up to 3,000 euros (£2,565) if caught stealing sand for keepsakes or online resale.

The island remained under private ownership until March 2016, at which point it was designated as part of the National Park. It is currently home to a caretaker whose sole job is to look after the island.

This caretaker has been responsible for maintaining the paths, removing plastic, and clearing litter from the beaches.

These efforts not only facilitate easier exploration of the island but also contribute to the restoration of the ecosystem, mitigating the impact of trash left behind by thoughtless tourists.

The caretaker presents the island to visitors in a way that encourages them to appreciate the unique play of light and the distinctive hues of the beach and the sea, fostering a love for the island’s charm as they depart.

The view from Monte Budello, standing at 87 metres, is undeniably breathtaking, revealing gigantic rocks that conceal small coves of fine sand and the deep blue sea.

The entire archipelago boasts enchanting places to explore, such as Cala Coticcio in Caprera, the forts of Santo Stefano, Cala Corsara in Spargi, and the pristine golden sand beaches of the Maddalena, among others.

This region serves as a sanctuary for cetaceans and is a habitat for dolphins, sperm whales, and various other whale species, making it a haven for diving enthusiasts.

The Washington shallows, situated between Budelli and Spargi, consist of granite blocks adorned with red soft corals, creating a vibrant and colorful underwater landscape.

The island has been hugely praised by the tourists who have been to this rare gem. 

One user wrote on Tripadvisor: “You will see it if your tour includes a visit to the Budelli island in the Archipelago tour before going to the Spiaggia di Cavallieri.  It’s been protected for years but you can see from the boat the perfect “pale rose” color sand & turquoise water! Magnificent.”

A second user said: “This is a beautiful beach. We visited in a chartered boat on a day when the tour boats were not running so it was deserted. The photos do not accurately capture the pink cast to the sand. Part of the beach is roped off to protect the sand.”

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