Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2024

Tropic serum that ‘smooths out wrinkles’ and hydrates skin

Beauty buffs are going wild for a hydrating face serum that leaves your skin ‘dewy’, ‘smooth’ and is a bit of a miracle worker on ‘patchy dry skin in the winter’. 

Tropic Skincare’s Rainforest Dew is a lightweight face serum that’s infused with hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts such as evergreen fern extract, which works wonders for inflammation and redness, and has been clinically proven to increase your skin’s hydration in as little as two hours.

The serum, which contains plant peptides to help boost elasticity and skin renewal, has been praised for its quick absorption into the skin (meaning no greasy residue) and, for those who suffer with extremely dry skin in winter, it has been hailed as a ‘must-have’ product in your skincare kit.

The brand explained: “This intelligent formula is infused with multi-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid for intense daily hydration.”

And as a result, it’s received a plethora of five-star reviews – over 400 – with many skincare lovers raving about the £44 serum as “magic in a bottle” when it comes to hydration and anti-ageing.

One shopper said: “Started noticing the difference next day. Skin no longer feels tight and dry. Only need to use a few drops morning and evening.”

“Fab product helps to smooth out wrinkles and keeps skin hydrated,” said another.

While a third added: “Dewy skin! My skin is loving Rainforest Dew, and instantly feels hydrated. It’s great for the cold season when the heating is on a lot, which is not so great for my skin.”

The serum is a water-based product, and so it comes rather runny, which is something some shoppers weren’t too pleased with. While some others saw zero results and suffered irritation. 

However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and so what works for one – like this shopper who wrote: “I love Rainforest Dew, it helps to keep my face hydrated, and feeling smooth. Literally a few drops each day added to my skincare routine, ensures lovely, clear and dewy skin. A bottle lasts for ages too” – won’t for another.

Other Tropic fans have also been shouting about the brand’s Skin Feast daily moisturiser, which was clinically proven to improve hydration by 149% in 8 hours – and together, you’ve got yourself a glorious concoction of hydration that’ll combat your dry skin as the cold weather continues to plummet.

Elsewhere, beauty buffs are praising Medik8’s two-step magic duo that gives your skin a good glub of hydration. Corsx’s Hyaluronic Acid 3 serum is also beloved for giving shoppers ‘glass skin’ and costs £22.40 on Lookfantastic.

For Tropic’s Rainfort Dew Hydration Serum, get it here. 

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